Tom Ford Press Day

I had the pleasure to attend the Tom Ford Beauty press day.   Tom Ford is probably one of the most intriguing designer in the fashion industry because of his good looks(see picture below for those of you have never seen a picture of him!LOL) and  the impeccable collections from his very own Tom Ford clothing line.  Let’s also not forget the impact he had at Gucci as a Creative Director increasing sales by almost 100% just within a year!? Yes he’s kind of a big deal.












Needless to say  I was not disappointed!  The Tom Ford counter had the sexy and modern feel is well known for.  Everything that was showcased made you want to be this confident woman that had it all figured out and was ready to conquer the world with her new lip color.  Mr Ford is apparently one of the few perfectionist we have left in this competitive world of fashion.  Unlike most designers that license their name for products,  Tom Ford is involved in every aspects of the product development- from the concept, the contents,  the smell, all the way to the packaging.  That explain why the line doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of different products.  The skin care  for instance only has a few items that are just all that you need!  There were various scents for the Eau De Parfum because it ‘s where the line started.  Black Orchid was where it all began for Tom Ford Beauty and then other several other exquisite scents were created.  I was very intrigued by the fact that almost all the scents could be used by both men and women.  I also thought the idea of having a decanter for all the perfumes was genius!








My favorite products were the contouring cream which only came in two shades( yes two shades not 6 or 8 ) one was a light tone and the other was a dark tone-which worked so beautifully on my skin.  The bronzing powder in Gold Dust  also looked stunning on my face and the peach tone blush called Ravish was absolutely perfect on me!  I wish I wasn’t already wearing lipstick so I could get the chance to play with their lipsticks  which were out of this world gorgeous.  I fell in love with the sheer lip color called Sweet Pot which is just the right amount of peachy pink one needs to wear all summer!  The concealer had a sponge applicator (talk about being practical) and their highlighter worked like magic. There were also two other items I absolutely adored -one was the body shimmer which during the summer gives you that nice dewy look we see in all of the Tom Ford ads or runway shows .  The other favorite was a waxed eyebrow shaper that looked like a gadget from a James Bond film-just so slick and chic!











The whole experience was one that I will always remember because of how theral his whole team was and the effort they made at explaining the process every product had to go through before it made it to the beauty counter.   Next time you are at Neiman Marcus Orlando be sure to stop by and try a few things they will love to help you and show you how special this line truly is.

Way to go Mr Ford!


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