Millenia Fashion Week


Although it’s 100 degrees in Orlando, fashion week is here and it’s superb! I had the pleasure to attend the launch of  The Mall At Millenia Fashion Week which featured one of my favorite stores-Neiman Marcus.











The runway show was absolutely breathtaking!!! Orlando has come a long way and I’m so proud of where it’s heading in terms of growth and fashion awareness.  Thanks to the Mall At Millenia we are finally getting to where we need to be.  And of course having Neiman’s in town definitely helps keeping all of us fashionista “in the know”.


Whether you were in your 20s or 60s you could be inspired by the style, the color combination and the outfits in your own personal way.  Neiman’s has such a beautiful way of layering clothes and accessorizing that just challenges you to dress better!  The over the top jewelry and sequins was a reminder that we all need a little something to make things special. In the wonderful words of Ken Downing(a dear friend in my head) ” Less is a bore”.


Some of my favorite trends this year for Fall at the Neiman’s show were: Folk, Layers and Full-Bodied Reds.  Here are some great shots, enjoy!






































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