September is my favorite month!

September is fashion month so it only makes sense that it would be my favorite month. I spent months getting ready to style the first “KC Trends 2016” in Kansas City, Missouri.  Although I had several obligations throughout the month I made a point to really help make this event a success.

Living in Florida and planning to style a show was quite a challenge.  I really had to focus on who the target market was and what they would expect from the show. My ideas mainly came from fashion trends that were more universal and easy to wear.  I think that in this day and age women are bombarded with so many different trends/style but they don’t quite know what is a good for them.  So I did my research and came up with the following trends:

Gypsy Glam: Embroidery details, brocade, tapestry,etc..

Romance: Ruffles, lace, and pleats obsession.

KC Trends not only featured a fashion show but it also had interior decor as well as food.  The idea was to create a lifestyle event that would inspire women and men on what

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