Our Services

Stylissima is a full service fashion consulting company that provides individualized personal shopping, wardrobe styling, closet assessment, travel packing as well as Glam Squad or special occasion consultation.

Personal Shopping

A hands-on approach that allows you to shop with our personal stylist. You will be able to purchase clothing and accessories within your budget with the assurance that you are making an investment. Our stylist will provide you with key fashion insight as well as product knowledge, enabling you to make savvy, yet valuable purchases.

Wardrobe Styling

An in-home consulting and styling session that provides you with weekly outfit arrangements. Our stylist will create ready-to-wear outfits for each day of the week–taking on the task for you, so you can apply your time and energy elsewhere. This service is perfect for the time-constrained woman. Wardrobe Styling is conducted on a weekly basis and is by appointment only.

Closet Assessment

A team-based approach to styling. If you’re think there’s nothing to wear in your closet, think again! Our stylist will help you renovate and embellish your closet.  Stage one is an assessment of things you already own (deciding as a team what needs to go and what’s worth keeping.) Stage two is an advisement on what items can be upgraded to a new look, and how to pair and implement newly purchased items with previously owned ones. This is a six-hour session that can be conducted as a two-part series.

Travel Packing

A home away from home styling. This service allows you to enjoy your trip without having to think about what to wear. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our stylist will keep you looking your best.  All outfits for your trip will be hand-picked and accessorized by us. We are with you, even when you’re away!

Glam Squad

A full-on approach to styling for special occasions. Our stylist will shop around for the appropriate dress or outfit, in addition to arranging for hair and make-up appointments at your home. Making you the talk of the party is our highlight!

Fashion Production

Stylissima’s fashion production has two goals, one is to generate foot traffic and the other is exposure.  Whether you are a store owner looking for great publicity or an non-profit organization looking to entertain your guests at your next event, this service would be perfect for you!

Be the New You!