Fringe With Benefits!

It seems like the “Fringe Trend” is the most popular trend for Fall but I can honestly say that as a wardrobe stylist I have yet have to find  the perfect fringe detail item.  I looked at a few skirts and thought well that might work with a pair of booties or stilettos but I was still not able to pull the trigger and make that purchase. Than I tried a vest the other day and figured I could wear it with jeans or even some bell bottom pants but still I could not make a final decision. Everything else I looked at after that was still a big no, no – until I saw a Stella McCartney fringed bag that totally stole my heart. This bag had me feeling like I just had to give in and finally get on the band wagon! It was the perfect size, the perfect color (black of course) and it was reasonably priced.


fringe bags









I had a photoshoot a few weeks ago so I figured that the best way to a make decision would be  to start by using the bag on a model.  The bag worked beautifully with my 70s theme Fall fashion shoot.  It added so much character to the outfits and it was so versatile.  But at the end of the shoot I kept thinking to myself when do I ever dress in a boho look? Is 70s fashion really part of my personal style?  Will I ever wear it more than once? I know it’s a great bag but is it me?  All these questions really helped me decide if the bag was worth having.  At the end I finally decided to buy shoes instead.

The truth is not all trends are meant to be followed.   It’s ok to question ourselves and admit that sometimes we have to let it go because not all trends will work for us. But who knows maybe I’ll end up giving in-we all know nothing haunts us more than the items we don’t buy when we have the opportunity to do so.


To be continued…




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